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Acoustic treatment

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Noise control

The key to a soothing environment

According to the Acoustical Quality in Office Workstations Acoustic Quality in the Workplace study, up to 50% of respondents say that poor acoustic control is detrimental to their work.

That's why Corflex offers you a complete range of acoustic treatment solutions. Equally efficient and aesthetic, our concepts finally allow you to create a peaceful and productive environment.

Shine through innovation

For almost 20 years, Corflex has been dedicated to the same mission: to reinvent the world of acoustic processing. Corflex is pushing the boundaries of design ever further, offering a choice of incomparable finishes and textures and attention to detail that you will not find at any other manufacturer.

Whether fabric, metal, wood or wall covering, give free rein to your imagination by creating an environment just as pleasing to the eye as for hearing.

Over the years, glass has become a major building material in architecture. The use of natural light is now more than trendy, light contributes to well-being and increases productivity.

Challenge Corflex!

Do not let the list of standard materials limit your imagination.

If your project requires a partition of unusual design, consult us. Our experts are eager to test these new possibilities and make the product even more attractive. Your imagination is the only limit.

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