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Experts in space optimization

Corflex is a leader in the design, engineering, production, distribution and installation of glass partitions, acoustic partitions and acoustic treatment recognized for their architectural look and superior quality.

Corflex stands out for its two decades of support to architects, designers, contractors and homeowners across Canada. From design to delivery, our team offers intelligent and flexible solutions for your spaces while combining elegance and functionality.

Optimize and recreate your space

Corflex manufactures, distributes and installs the products you need

Operable Glass

Combine aesthetics, functionality and soundproofing. Do not hide the beauty of your space thanks to the Corflex glass operable partitions.

Operable partitions

Corflex operable partitions offer an infinite number of options and configurations. Achieve unparalleled performance by adding custom acoustic treatment to the panel faces.

Acoustic treatment

Whether it is an acoustic treatment in fabric, metal, wood or wall covering, create a pleasant environment combining design and acoustic comfort.


Whatever your industry, Corflex will meet your need for space optimization.

From the school sector to the hotel and the retail sector, our wide range of products consists of soundproofed glass movable partitions, exterior glazed partitions, acoustic treatment as well as movable and self-rising partitions. That’s why our team will be the best to adapt to your requirements in order to enhance your environment with style.