• It is now possible to combine aesthetics, functionality and soundproofing in the same product. Enhance the design of your environment with Corflex’s glass movable partitions. 

  • Available in several configurations and alternatives, our movable partitions ensure superior performance. Add a tailor-made acoustic treatment to get a touch of privacy.    

  • Oversized all-aluminum systems that bring you closer to nature. Insulation, stability and safety are reflected and put forward in state-of-the-art technology allowing thermal performance in exceptional dimensions.

  • Acoustic processing allows you to create an acoustically pleasing space. Whether it is a gymnasium or a music room, Corflex offers solutions adapted to your needs taking into consideration the specific use of your room.

  • Hydraulic doors rise and offer you close and quick contact with the outside. Without cable or belt, with infinite face finish possibilities, hydraulic systems are quiet and stable.

  • Whether for divider curtains or raised floors, we manufacture and install products that meet your reality and your needs.

Quality first

A modern space that will be the test of time

Our products are durable, timeless and combine perfectly with the environment in which they are located. Quality is at the heart of our priorities, while ensuring sound management of resources. As Corflex has an important environmental awareness, we promote the use of recycled materials in the manufacturing of our products. 

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Thought and built with passion

Your needs, put forward

Our proven processes support you throughout the execution of your project. From the discussion surrounding the design to the engineering behind the products as well as the complete production and installation process, you can count on the expertise of our teams to offer you the product that will suit your environment. 

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