2100 Series - Prefabricated fabric covered acoustic panels

Optimal acoustic performance

Prefabricated in the factory, the prefabricated acoustic panels are composed of a synthetic resin frame and a fiberglass central panel. Whether on the walls or on the ceiling, the prefabricated panels are easy to install and offer endless design possibilities thanks to their large selection of fabrics.

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2100 series – Characteristics

  • Controls sound reverb
  • Prefabricated panel
  • Non-combustible and non-hygroscopic high-density insulation
  • Class A noncombustible fabric or vinyl
  • Installation on the wall or ceiling
  • Increased reinforcement for impact resistance


Available width

Maximum of 1219 mm (4 ft 0 inch)

Available height

Maximum of 2438 mm (8 ft 0 inch)


2110 model- 25 mm (1 inch)
2120 model- 51 mm (2 inch)

Sound reduction coefficient

0.80 for 25 mm (1 inch) panels
1.00 for 51 mm (2 inch) panels

Our acoustic treatment achievements

Montreal Casino,
Montreal, QC

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Centre Segal
performing arts, Montreal, QC

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Schluter Systems,
Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC

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Groupe Devimco,
Montreal, QC

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École Buissonnière,
Outremont, QC

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Carmelite Sisters,
Montreal, QC

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Marc Favreau Library,
Montreal, QC

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CSN Montérégie,
Brossard, QC

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Dunton Academy,
Montreal, QC

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