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Glass BiFold Doors - Hydraulic System

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Bifold Doors - Hydraulic System

Let nature invade your environment through a Corflex bifold door !

Corflex offers you the bifold doors with a hydraulic system. Invite nature to your offices and businesses thanks to its aesthetic and functional design. By simply activating a button, you will notice its smooth and silent performance as it rises vertically.

By incorporating our bifold doors into your projects, you ensure peace of mind and a barrier-free environment. Robust and designed to withstand the different climatic conditions in North America, the Bi-Fold hydraulic system is the ideal solution to become one with nature!

Discover the best Glass bifold doors on the market.

The best Bifold Doors open any room to the true outdoors, with panels that fold open and closed like an accordion. Because weather and the seasons don’t always beg for fresh air, choose an arrangement with a single swinging access door allowing for quick and easy operation.

When it’s time to open up a room and let the fresh air in, nothing beats a folding door. Our different options allow you to adapt our bifold doors to your needs. The Corflex hydraulic bifold doors are strong enough for industrial use and so beautiful they will easily harmonize to any home decor.

Challenge Corflex!

Do not let the list of standard materials limit your imagination.

If your project requires a partition of unusual design, consult us. Our experts are eager to test these new possibilities and make the product even more attractive. Your imagination is the only limit.

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