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Exterior glass doors

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Exterior glass doors

Sparkle through innovation

For over 20 years Corflex has been dedicated to the same mission: reinvent the world of operable glass wall partitions. Our research and development engineers have created the most sought-after designs and the most advanced performance of the industry, raising Corflex glass walls to the status of real architectural features. Thanks to the technological expertise of Hufcor, its international partner, Corflex is constantly pushing design limits, offering an incomparable choice of finishes and textures and an attention to detail that you will not find with any other manufacturer.

Elegant aesthetic

Panel frames are available in either clear anodized aluminum, different shades of bronze or black, or with powder-coated paint in your choice of colour.

Be imaginative

Want to add style to your operable glass wall or to make your space more intimate? Have the glass laminated, frosted or tinted, or have a translucent film applied. You can also add an image, a pattern or a logo to personalize your partition and make it unique!

Challenge Corflex!

Do not let the list of standard materials limit your imagination.

If your project requires a partition of unusual design, consult us. Our experts are eager to test these new possibilities and make the product even more attractive. Your imagination is the only limit.

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