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CP-155 – Lift and slide concept patio doors

Marvels of advanced engineering and design

Aesthetic and functional, CP 130 and CP 155 Lift-Slide door systems are the definite answers to current architectural challenges. Designed for large glass surfaces with minimal visible elements, these highly insulated lift-slide doors meet the most stringent insulation, stability and safety requirements. Built to last and withstand harsh Canadian weather conditions.


Design freedom

Invite nature in your home, office or business space in a big way. Incorporate the largest openings into your designs and be the talk of the town. Custom built up to 2,75m X 3,05m (9’ x 10’) in size, these doors can accomodate an impressive 8,4m2 (90ft2) in glass surface and provide spectacular opening to any building.

Superior technology

A newly-developed no mullion corner solution for CP 130 – Slim Line and the Automatic Opening option for CP 155 are both state-of-the-art technological elements and ideal tools to create stunning architectural designs.

Enhanced performance

Engineered and built to meet all weather conditions, the robust CP130 and CP155 patio doors allow the construction of large and stable lift-slide panels.

  • Independently tested in Canada to provide unparalleled resistance to air, water and wind infiltrations, thermal performance and structural load which surpass the most stringent energy efficiency standards.
  • Built with commercial grade materials to prevent premature wear and tear and insure long-term durability.

  • Effortless lift-slide panel glide and in the closed position, the doors are put down and hermetically sealed for added insulation.

  • Precision engineered hardware – stainless steel monorail, duorail or trirail thresholds.

Application examples:

  • Restaurants
  • Terraces
  • Spas
  • Pools




A monorail combines a moving panel with a fixed one. As a standard, the fixed panel is at the inside of the sliding door. For specific situations however, a solution is offered to install the fixed part at the outside of the sliding door. This can be very convenient when large fixed glass panes need to be installed at elevated height or when building construction does not allow inside glazing.



A duorail integrates 2 opening panels. Both panels can be made as sliding element, giving all flexibility to the users.



A trirail integrates an extra rail in the outer frame allowing a third opening panel to be installed. This solution is very interesting because this allows the user to open-up 2 sliding doors, creating an opening which is doubled in size or 2/3 of the total opening.


Possibilities of
infinite configurations

All rails and trolleys have been rigorously tested to ensure unparalleled reliability.

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