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Welcome nature in your environment!

Corflex now offers the hydraulic Bi-Fold system. It’s aesthetic and functional design invite nature into office and commercial space, simply at the touch of a button. You will be impressed by its silent fluid vertical movement.

Incorporating Corflex’s hydraulic Bi-Fold system in your projects assures peace of mind in a visual barrier-free environment. It’s heavy duty construction guarantees resistance to the harshest North American climate conditions. Our Bi-Fold system is your ideal solution to invite nature inside!

Operation / Control

A standard up/down button offers ease of entry allowing the user to open or close the hydraulic Bi-Fold system on approach. Customers may select from either a remote transmitter or key control for system operation. For added safety, all controls are constant-contact. A weather-resistant control is also available for outside entry through exterior installations.


For installations requiring additional security or dealing with extreme negative wind pressures within the structure, automatic, electrically-actuated locks are available for securing the system panels to the frame. Infrared photo eyes are available for installation adjacent to the hydraulic Bi-Fold system.

Power unit

The power unit consists of the motor and hydraulic fluid reservoir. The unit may be positioned at any location within the building. Close proximity to the hydraulic door is not necessary.


The Bi-Fold system is made from a structural steel tube frame that is primed with a rust-resistant red oxide paint and is ready for field finishing.


The hydraulic Bi-Fold system can be covered in a wide variety of surfaces, including glass, to match or coordinate with the building. Supplied by others.

The maximum opening dimensions

Width: 7,315mm (24’0”) x Height: 6,096mm (20’0”)
Please consult factory for openings exceeding those dimensions.








Possibilities of
infinite configurations

All rails and trolleys have been rigorously tested to ensure unparalleled reliability.

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