Movable glass partitions

High-quality glass movable partitions, thought-out to be configured according to your needs.

A solution for workspaces that require discretion, without compromise on design, elegance and light transmission.  

Shining through innovation

Attention to detail is at the heart of each project, which is why our panels are guided from the top and all floor track is eliminated. A wide range of  hardware colors is available, one of which will certainly fit the surrounding decor.

A Corflex’s movable glass partitions represents an architectural element in itself. For this reason, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of design, finishes and textures.   

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A neat aesthetic

Aluminum panel frames are available in the following shades :

  • Clear anodized
  • Bronze anodized
  • Black anodized
  • Powder coated in the color of your choice

The color of the hardware can also match the frames.

Corflex glass movable partitions allow the use of several glass thicknesses across its different product lines, while complying with your design and acoustical performance requirements.

Available glass thicknesses

6 mm

12 mm

19 mm

25 mm

38 mm

51 mm

Choice of available finishes

  • Laminated
  • Tempered
  • Textured
  • Insulated glass
  • Ceramics
  • Mirror
  • Silkscreen printed

Movable glass partitions manufactured by Corflex are offered with several hardware options that fit your colors or materials. A fully custom-made hardware store is also available, designed by a team of innovative engineers.

Mobile glass partitions – Eclipse serie

A simple activation of the private function is enough to quickly frost the glasses and increase the level of privacy of a room.  The Eclipse Series has all the advantages of movable glass partitions, with added ingenuity. The opacity of the glasses is variable and no floor track is used resulting in an impeccable finish.

The Eclipse series offers a high level of privacy to ensure complete confidentiality. A full-height glass technology that fills the opening, from floor to ceiling, exposes an amalgam of fixed and movable panels, offering full flexibility in the dimensions and positions of the glazed sections. 

Eclipse Series-Advantages

No floor track

High acoustic performance

Variable opacity glass

Easy to use

High quality hardware

Available panic bar

No visible screws

Product testing

All Corflex products are tested in an independent laboratory, according to ASTM E90. Acoustic testing is conducted at the National Research Council of Canada, located in Ottawa.

These tests enable us to develop best practices in the design of acoustical products while respecting the highest standards in the industry. When Corflex products are specified according to a given sound transmission coefficient, the company commits to provide a high-performance product built according to precise criteria resulting from our laboratory tests.

Our movable glass partition achievements

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Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau International Airport, Montreal, QC

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Gatineau Hospital,
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