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Operable glass wall

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Discover Corflex Operable Glass Wall

Shine through innovation

For more than 20 years, Corflex's mission has been to reinvent the world of operable glass partitions. Our R & D engineers are behind the industry's most sought-after designs and industry-leading performance, elevating Corflex partitions to the status of true architectural elements. Thanks to the technological expertise of its international partner Hufcor, Corflex is pushing the limits of design ever further, offering a choice of finishes and unique textures with attention to detail that you will not find at any other manufacturer.

Removable Partitions With a Neat Aesthetic

The frames and rails on the ceiling are available in clear anodized aluminum, bronze and black or in powder-paint (color of your choice). The color of the hardware can also be arranged to match the frames.

Corflex glass operable partition walls allow the use of multiple glass thicknesses through its different product lines to meet your design and acoustic performance requirements.

Glass thickness options:

6 mm - 12 mm - 19 mm - 25 mm - 38 mm - 51 mm

The choice of finishes is only limited by your imagination.

Laminate - Tempered - Textured - Screen Print - Insulated glass (thermos) - Ceramic - Mirror

Corflex glass partitions are available with several distinctive hardware options. We continually develop forward thinking alternatives to standard hardware to add a personal touch to our line of products. Our design and engineering team can develop custom hardware solutions by working closely with the designers and architects of your team.

Eclipse Series - Glass Partition Wall

The new Eclipse series offers total privacy by combining an unparalleled acoustic level for a operable glass partition in addition to a visual barrier, on demand, possible through the integration of lenses with variable opacity.

Whether it's for a conference room or a professional office requiring a high level or complete privacy, the Eclipse Series offers all the benefits of a operable glass wall and allows for “on-demand discretion” by activating the private frosting glasses function when needed. This partition allows users a lot of flexibility in the use of their room and presents the same advantageous features of Corflex glazed sliding partitions without presenting rails to the floor.

No floor rail
High acoustic performance
Variable opacity glass
Simple to use
High-end hardware
Panic bar available
No visible screws

All Corflex products are tested according to ASTM E90 by an independent laboratory. Acoustical tests are conducted National Research Council Canada in Ottawa.

These tests enable Corflex to develop best practices in acoustic product design to the highest standards in the industry. When Corflex products are specified according to a given sound transmission coefficient, we are committed to providing a high performance partition built to exact criteria resulting from our laboratory tests.

Challenge Corflex!

Do not let the list of standard materials limit your imagination.

If your project requires a partition of unusual design, consult us. Our experts are eager to test these new possibilities and make the product even more attractive. Your imagination is the only limit.

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