Operable glass wall

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G800 Series – Timber framed glass walls

The nobility of wood, the functionality of an operable partition

Offered in single (G801) or paired panel assemblies (G802), Corflex timber framed glass walls will enhance the natural design of your environment. Its frame’s cross-grain triple lamination ensures sturdiness and durability.


Made of 6mm or 8mm (1/4” to 5/16”) monolithic tempered glass, the Corflex G800 glass walls have no floor track, thus eliminating tripping hazards and debris accumulation. The panels have a concealed foot bolt and key locks are also available.

Stylish and fashionable

Invite the natural beauty of wood in your projects by choosing one of our four wood species: Oak, Maple, Cherry and Douglas Fir.


Optional intermediate pass doors are available in full height glass to facilitate access to your space.

Personalize your partition

You want to add style to your operable glass wall? Choose to have the glass laminated, frosted, tinted or have a translucent film applied. You could also add an image, a pattern or a logo to personalize your partition and make it unique.

Applications examples:

  • Conference rooms
  • Presidential offices
  • Museums
  • Universities
G800 Series – Timber framed glass wall

Possibilities of
infinite configurations

All rails and trolleys have been rigorously tested to ensure unparalleled reliability.

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