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Ultra Acoustic Movable Glass Wall

GX an innovation in space management and room design by
Corflex, delivers the ultra-sleek contemporary aesthetics of
glass with an unparalleled acoustic sound separation all
courtesy of a new and innovative glass wall system.

Give yourself a sound barrier without any visual barrier!
When a physical separation is required, GX glass wall is the
ideal solution to improve the acoustic performance of your
space, while maximizing the influx of natural light.

Designed and engineered for the user in mind proposing the
pinnacle of innovation, quality, performance as well as a
flawless fit and finish. The GX becomes your ultimate choice
as we continue to push the limits of design elevating the GX
to the status of true architectural element.

GX features

  • Ultra-acoustical performance 50 ST C
  • Frameless – Fully glazed surface
  • 2 x 12mm tempered laminated glass, compliant with ASTM C1048
  • Top support ed system
  • No floor track
  • Full height door hinges
  • Easy to move (self-guided carriers and track system with curved intersections)
  • Card reader ready (available)
  • Very low maintenance
  • Contemporary design


  • Maximum height
    3048mm (10′) with hinged door
  • Maximum panel width
    1219mm (4′)
  • Panel weight
    68,4kg/m² (14lbs/ft²)
  • Top and bottom seals
    Flexible sweeps
GX Ultra Acoustic Movable Glass Wall

Possibilities of
infinite configurations

All rails and trolleys have been rigorously tested to ensure unparalleled reliability.

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