Operable partitions

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5900 Series – Motorized Partitions

Panels can be deployed or stored at the end of the track with the press of a button. Corflex’s unique system provides each panel with its own trolley, improving performance.

Smooth and fast operation

A variable frequency drive adjusts deployment speed automatically, providing smooth action and diminishing stress on the track.

Increased stability

The chain drive is more stable than a cable drive, reducing necessary system maintenance.

Restricted space

The drive unit requires only 14 inches (356 mm) of ceiling space for installation.

Deployment in a limited space

Because panels can be straightened faster, their deployment requires less clear space in front of the stack area.

Discreet hinges

Adding a trolley to each panel makes it possible to use smaller and safer hinges, reducing risk of injuries.

Application examples:

  • Gymnasiums
  • Theaters
  • Any large-scale projects
5900 Series – Motorized Partitions


Possibilities of
infinite configurations

All rails and trolleys have been rigorously tested to ensure unparalleled reliability.

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