CF-77 - Folding and sliding doors

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Custom-made to your specifications, the CF-77 series offers a wide choice of thresholds, configurations and glazing. Regardless of the size or number of panels, the opening and closing of the CF-77 sliding folding doors is remarkably fluid.

Tested in Canada, the CF-77 door provides unparalleled resistance to air, wind and water infiltration and surpasses the most demanding energy standards. The stainless steel double-wheeled trolleys and the top rolling guide are hidden in the frame to provide unparalleled stability and durability while preventing premature wear.

CF-77 Folding and sliding doors – Characteristics

  • Air tightness : 0,1 (cfm/sq.ft.) for double or triple glazing
  • Water tightness : 8 (psf) for double or triple glazing
  • Acoustical performances : 45 STC and 38 OITC for double or triple glazing
  • Thermal insulations : 0,31 Uw (double glazing), 0,28 Uw (triple glazing), 0,09 SHGC (double glazing), 0,10 SHGC ( triple glazing)
  • Wind load resistance : PG55 SP for double or triple glazing


Maximum height vent

2997,2 mm (118 1/8 inch)

Maximum width vent

1200,2 mm (47 1/4 inch)

Overall system depth frame

77,8mm (3 1/16’’)

Overall system depth vent

77,8 mm (3 1/16 inch)

Rebate height

25,4 mm (1 inch)

Maximum glass thickness

63,5 mm (2 1/2 inch)

Thermal break

Fiberglass reinforced polyamide strips

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