Hi-Finity - Sliding system

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Available in a wide variety of configurations offering open or glazed angles, large connected glass panels, motorized openings, and a choice of niches and sills, Hi-Finity fits into any building. For the most complex requirements, you can also count on our team to design and provide a tailor-made solution, adapted to your needs.

Hi-Finity sliding system – Characteristics

  • Air tightness, maximum test pressure : 0,07 (cfm/sq.ft.)
  • Water tightness maximum : 12 (psf)
  • Acoustical performances : 45 STC and 37 OITC
  • Thermal insulations : 0,28 Uw (double glazing), 0,20 Uw (triple glazing), 0,21 SHGC (double glazing), 0,20 SHGC (triple glazing)


Minimum visible width T-profile

35 mm (1 3/8 inch)

Visible width meeting section

35 mm (1 3/8 inch)

Maximum height vent

3987,8 mm (157 1/2 inch)

Maximum width vent

3500,4 mm (137 13/16 inch)

Maximum system weight

2640 lbs (1197,5 kg)

Overall system depth frame

147,6 mm (5 13/16 inch)

Overall system depth vent

25,4 mm (1 inch)

Visible height vent

127 mm (5/16 inch)

Visible height meeting section 4 doors

66,7 mm (2 5/8 inch)

Maximum glass thickness

 50,8 mm (2 1/8 inch)

Glazing method

Dry glazing with EPDM or neutral silicones

Thermal break

Fiberglass reinforced polyamide strips

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