Masterline 8 - Pivot doors

Sophistication and elegance

The pivot doors of the Masterline 8 Series add an original architectural and functional element to any construction. Alone or multiple, the pivot doors open your spaces without requiring a crowding area. Space management becomes simple and efficient by allowing systematic flexibility by a simple rotation of the doors.

Masterline 8 pivot doors – Characteristics

VariantsMasterline 8
Masterline 8 XL
Air tightness4 (600 Pa)ASTM E283 0.72l/s/m² (0.14 cfm/
Water tightness4 A (150 Pa) ASTM E547 140 Pa (2.92 psf)
Wind load resistanceC3 (1200 Pa)ASTM E330 1200 Pa (25 psf)
Burglar resistanceRC2/WK2RC2/WK2


VariantsMasterline 8 ResidentialMasterline 8 XL
max dimensions (W x H)1,7 m (66,93”) x 3,0 m (118,11”)2,5 m (98,43”) x 4,0 m (157,48”)
Max weight200 kg (440,93 lbs)500 kg (1102,31 lbs)
Visual width vent profile104,5 mm (4,11”)40 mm (1,57”)
Glazing typeGlazing beadGlazing bead
Max glass thickness62 mm (2,44”)62 mm (2,44”)
Multi-leaf √
(Flush) panel door option √

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