MasterPatio - Lift & Sliding system

Light, Elegance and Comfort

MasterPatio has been developed to combine comfort on every level, clean aesthetics down to the details, sustainable efforts, and unlimited design freedom. The system is suitable for low energy or passive buildings, and its robustness makes it the perfect choice for high-rise buildings. Our aluminium is already recycled or produced by low carbon energy sources, but for MasterPatio we increased our sustainable efforts even more by introducing recycled materials and more efficient production methods. MasterPatio is designed to be more than a sliding door, and can be combined effortlessly with MasterLine 8, so it is able to meet any project requirement.

MasterPatio lift and sliding system – Characteristics

VariantsMonorail outside glazed2-railMonorail inside glazed
Water tightnessE900E1050 (1050Pa)e750 (750Pa)
Wind load resistanceC5 (2000Pa)C3 (1200Pa)C5 (2000Pa)
Thermal insulationValue of 1,3 to 2,5 UF (W/m² K)Value of 1,5 to 2,9 UF (W/m² k)Value of 1,4 to 2,9 Uf (W/m² k)



PropertiesMonorail outside glazed2-railMonorail inside glazed
Height frame60 mm (2 1/3”)
Maximum element height3,7 m (147”)
Built-in depthFrame180 mm (7 1/10”)
Sash77 mm (3”)
Rebate height27 mm (1 1/14”)
Glass thicknessup to 62 mm (2 3/7”)
Maximum weightManual sash400 kg (881,8 lbs)
Motorised sash vleugelN/A
Fixed glass panel1200 kg (2645,5 lbs)
Thermal break (recycled polyamide bars)Sash41 mm (1 3/5”)
Frame (bottom/top)2 x 40 mm (2 x 1 4/7”)
Frame (side)28 mm (1 1/10”)
Visible width/heightSash87 mm (3 3/7”)
Bipart (4 panels)181 mm (7 1/9”)
Glazing methodDry glazing with EPDM or neutral silicone


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